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Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Anyone who operates a motorized pleasure craft must now carry proof of competency on board. This includes all types of motorized boats, no matter what their size or horsepower. It's the law!

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) confirms you have studied a boat safety course and passed the required test. This is the proof of competency you need. Failing to have your PCOC on board could result in a fine of $250.   

The knowledge required to pass the PCOC Test is included in our CYA Basic Cruising course.

The price of the Basic Cruising course includes the Test for the PCOC and card processing.

Please contact us if you would like instruction and testing or simply to challenge the PCOC Test without doing the CYA Basic Cruising course.

"It was a pleasure taking your course with you."
 Mohamed O.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Instruction, Testing, Processing $70
Only write the Test $40

For groups of 5 or more - we can come to you!