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Toronto Harbour

Power Vessel Operator's Permit

You are required to have a valid 'Toronto Port Authority Power Vessel Operator's Licence' in order to operate any vessel equipped with an engine within the boundaries of Toronto Harbour. You have to take a written and practical test to obtain a Permit.

We offer instruction and testing for the Harbour Permit. You can either join one of our courses or, if you are a group, we can come to you.

Please call for further details.

"Thanks a lot! You've been great. Your knowledge has been very helpful". Nathan A.

Do you know the Toronto Harbour boundaries?

Do you know the three speed limits in force within
  Toronto Harbour?

Do you know where in Toronto Harbour you could be fined not more than $10,000, on conviction,
 if caught operating a vessel?

Come and learn, take the test, get a
Toronto Harbour Permit.

(Minimum age 14 years. You must have experience handling boats under power.)

(Keith Doherty)

Toronto Harbour Permit

Instruction and testing $70

For groups of 5 or more we can come to you!